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humans nature; i.e. messy hair, chapped lips, tainted skin, freckles, veins, bones, bruises, scars. we only have flaws if they are perceived that way.
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dude i’m gonna frickin hold your hand so hard it’s gonna blow your mind with how hecka rad my affection is

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I suppose there’s certain songs that connect with me more than others. On the album, for example, the last song Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You, that’s probably one of the more saddening songs for me that I’ve ever written because it’s about me leaving my family essentially—me leaving home—and making sure that there was somebody there to watch my little brother.

Until late last year he was still living at home. Then, as he puts it, “my band took off, my family fell apart. My parents got divorced. It’s kinda good – no good marriage ever ended in divorce. If two people had a really good thing going on and they had to get divorced, that would be really sad. But that’s never happened once. That’s fine. That was a long time coming. December of last year I went on tour and they sold that house. I went home for two days to move out of my house, and I wrote and recorded Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You? X

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Famous landscapes from Yangshuo, Guizhou Province, China; taken after a 15 mile bike ride.
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A course that should be mandatory in high school is common sense

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untitled by Raluca Marie Wolfski on Flickr.
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